Vidéo ~ David Bowie in Japan?

Absoluty no idea what’s being said but does it really matter? He is so awesome and adorable…. 1mn of happyness!

Absolument aucune idée de ce qui se dit mais est-ce que cela compte vraiment ? Il est si beau et adorable …1 mn de bonheur !


La Photo Glamour du Jour ~ David Bowie et la poussière d’or

Vous ne le savez peut-être pas mais depuis quelques années, je collectionne les photos de David Bowie.

Et plus le temps passe et que je crois que la source est tarie et plus j’en découvre de nouvelles !

Celle-ci date de la semaine dernière.

Elle brille de milles feux.

Un nuage de poussières d’or semblent soit l’auréoler, émaner de lui, s’en échapper, l’inspirer, nous étonner, nous ravir et nous chérir…

Quant à sa gestuelle…


Photo and story – David Bowie arrested …

David Bowie’s 1976 performance in Rochester is memorable for more reason than one.

Bowie was arrested in a downtown Rochester hotel in March of that year after performing at the Community War Memorial. He and three other people — one of them early punk musician Iggy Pop — were charged with marijuana possession. In May 1976, the charges were effectively dismissed after a grand jury declined to indict the legendary artist. Bowie never performed in Rochester again.

Here are two of the original Democrat and Chronicle articles about the case. The first did not credit an author; the second was written by John Stewart.

29 year old Bowie arrested for cannabis

Pot‘ holds rock singer

March 22, 1976 — David Bowie, the English rock singer, was arrested early yesterday at the Americana Rochester Hotel on marijuana charges. Three other persons, including a Rochester woman, were arrested with him.

They were charged with fifth-degree criminal possession of marijuana. Police said they confiscated what they described as about half a pound of marijuana. The charge is a Class C felony, carrying a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

The Rochester woman was identified by police as Chiwah Soo, 20, of Owen Street.

The other two arrested were members of Bowie’s entourage, which appeared Saturday night at the Community War Memorial. The two were identified as James Osterberg, Jr., 28, of Ypsilanti, Mich., and Dwaine Vaughs, 22, of Brooklyn.

All four were freed on bond — at Bowie’s expense — and were to be arraigned in City Court this morning.

But Bowie, according to his attorney, left Rochester yesterday for a concert in Springfield, Mass.

Lawyer Thomas G. Presutti said there are heavy penalties when concert engagements are broken and he will « request the court’s indulgence » for Bowie’s absence. Bowie also has a concert scheduled in New Haven, Conn., and should be back in Rochester by Wednesday, Presutti said.

The four were arrested at 2:25 a.m. in a three-room suite in the hotel at 70 State St. by four city vice squad detectives and a State Police investigator.

They were held in the Monroe County Jail for a few hours. Bowie gave police his real last name, Jones, and listed his address as 89 Oakley St., London, England.

Presutti said he wanted Bowie out of jail early so he could drive to Springfield. The rock star had a fear of flying, he said.

Presutti contacted the district attorney who recommended bail at $2,000 each. That was approved by County Court Judge Andrew Celli about 7 a.m. Bowie’s bail was ordered in cash, and $2,000 in bond was set for the others.

None of the four had a prior arrest record, Presutti said.

Bowie: ‘Not guilty, sir’

March 26, 1976 — After silently walking through a crush of fans, police and reporters, English rock star David Bowie pleaded innocent to a felony drug charge yesterday in Rochester City Court.

Bowie, 28, entered the Public Safety Building through the Plymouth Avenue doorway at 9:25 a.m., just five minutes before court convened, with an entourage of about seven persons, including his attorneys and the three other persons charged with him.

He was ushered into a side corridor by police and was arraigned within 10 minutes, as a crowd of about 200 police, fans and reporters looked on.

Bowie and his group ignored reporters’ shouted questions and fans’ yells as he walked in — except for one teenager who got his autograph as he stepped off the escalator.

His biggest greeting was the screams of about a half-dozen suspected prostitutes awaiting arraignment in the rear of the corridor outside the courtroom.

Asked for a plea by City Court Judge Alphonse Cassetti to the charge of fifth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, Bowie said, « not guilty, sir. » The court used his real name — David Jones.

He stood demurely in front of the bench with his attorneys. He wore a gray three-piece leisure suit and a pale brown shirt. He was holding a matching hat. His two companions were arraigned on the same charge.

Bowie was represented by Rochester lawyer Anthony F. Leonardo, who also represented his companions, James J. Osterberg, 28 of Ypsilanti, Mich., and Dwain A. Vaughs, 22, of Brooklyn. Osterberg, described as a friend and Vaughs, described as a bodyguard, also pleaded innocent to the drug charge.

Osterberg also is a rock musician and performs under the name of Iggy Stooge. Bowie has produced at least one of Osterberg’s album in the past. Judge Cassetti set April 20 for he preliminary hearing for the three men. He also agreed to set the same date for the Rochester woman charged with the same offence, Chiwah Soo, 20, of 9 Owen St., who was also in the courtroom.

Cassetti allowed Bowie to remain free on $2,000 bail, as well as continuing the $2,000 bond on the other three persons charged.

Bowie and the other three were arrested by city vice squad detectives and state police Sunday in the Americana Rochester hotel, charged with possession of 182 grams, about half a pound, of marijuana in his room there. Bowie was in Rochester of a concert Saturday night.

Bowie’s arrangement was witnessed by his fans, some of whom had waited two hours to catch a glimpse of him. All remained quiet in the courtroom and scrambled after his arraignment to watch his exit from the building.

But fans and reporters were disappointed as city uniformed and plain-clothes police slipped him out unnoticed.

Using a maze of elevators and stairwells, police took Bowie and his entourage out a side exit, across the Civic Center Plaza and into Leonardo’s office on the Times Square building’s seventh floor.

Only about 30 fans were on hand to yell goodbye as Bowe and his friends left from Leonardo’s office at 12.30pm. Bowie, for the first time, waved to the crowd as his limousine pulled out from a parking space on West Broad Street, made a U-turn and headed for the expressway and the drive back to New York City.

The blue-and-black Lincoln Continental limousine had been ticketed for overtime parking, but a plainclothes policeman took the ticket, and put it in his pocket.

Bowie had remained silent throughout the morning but granted a five-minute interview to newspaper reporters in Leonardo’s office. Leonardo, however, wouldn’t allow any questions directly concerning the arrest, saying it was the first criminal charge he’d ever faced. He complimented city police, though, for the protection they provided him yesterday.

« They (city police) were very courteous and very gentle, » Bowie said. « They’ve been just super. »

Quiet and reserved, Bowie answered most of the reporters’ questions with short answers, shaking hands with them when they entered and left.

Asked if the arrest would sour him on returning to Rochester, Bowie said « certainly not, absolutely not. » He also said he was « very flattered » by the fans who turned out for this arraignment.

« I felt very honored, » he said.

Bowie and his entourage arrived in Rochester about 4 a.m. after performing a concert in the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island Wednesday night, Leonardo said, he will appear tonight at Madison Square Garden, his final concert of his America tour, Pat Gibbons, said.

Gibbons, 25, who described himself as Bowie’s « right-arm » man, said after tonight’s concert, Bowie will return by boat to England, starting a new European tour April 7 in Munich, Germany.

Bowie’s entourage stayed at the Downtower hotel yesterday morning. Before the arraignment, he had a conference with his attorneys in Leonardo’s office.

Leonardo said he and Thomas G. Presutti had been asked to handle the case by Bowie’s business attorney, Stanley Diamond of Los Angeles, who also was there yesterday. Diamond had no criminal trial experience and wanted local trial lawyers for the case, Leonardo said.

Bowie won’t appear at the April 20 hearing for any defense motions or possible grand jury action, Leonardo said.

« We’re talking about millions of dollars he could lose in concert commitments (if he appeared for such proceedings), » Leonardo said.

Bowie would have to appear for another arraignment and subsequent trial if he is indicted by a County Grand Jury on a felony drug charge, Leonardo said. But grand jury action isn’t expected until June, and Bowie should be vacationing in Switzerland then, Gibbons said.

District attorney’s office officials said Bowie and the others can’t plea bargain on any of the charges until an official grand jury indictment if there is one.

Bowie talked with immigration officials here yesterday before his arraignment, Leonardo said. The officials wanted to know his itinerary abroad for the next few months, Leonardo said. There are no problems now with his entering or leaving the United States, he added.

Bowie faces a minimum of 15 years’ imprisonment on the drug charge but could get as little as five years’ probation if convicted.

David Bowie ~ A travers le temps – Photos et Poésie

Il y a quelques temps, j’ai retrouvé ce petit texte que j’avais écrit en légende d’une photo que j’avais publiée sur mon Tumblr

Je le partage avec vous ici, en cette semaine où je ne cesse de penser à lui.


A travers le temps

A travers le temps, à travers les mers et les océans,

Des goélands s’envolent et planent dans les airs,

Survolant des glaciers, des volcans, des mondes entiers.

Et David Bowie est et sera toujours là …

Laure Myriam Jouili


David Bowie ~ Un an après …

Aujourd’hui, jour pour jour, cela fait un an que David Bowie nous a quittés. Sans guitare, saxophone, piano ni harmonica … simplement, dans la délicatesse du silence. Avec une profonde élégance ; la même dont il avait fait preuve au cours de sa vie. Une élégance de l’âme.

Cela fût un choc pour beaucoup d’entre nous. On ne s’y attendait pas, nous avons été pris par surprise.

Cela nous a paru irréel, surréaliste. Impossible.

Je me plais à croire qu’il n’est pas tout à fait parti, qu’il est là dans une autre dimension ; je suis sûre que l’idée lui plairait …

Je ne vais pas en dire plus, je ne veux pas sombrer dans l’émotion. Pour me protéger. Mais, sachez que mon cœur saigne comme jamais.

Je vous invite si vous le souhaitez à lire ou à relire tous les articles que j’ai déjà écrit sur lui, ici.

J’ai cependant publié ceci sur Instagram aujourd’hui :

This is one of my favorites songs from David Bowie! Not only because of its french inspiration – Baudelaire and Brel – but because it's heartbreaking! It details Ziggy's final collapse as an old, washed-up rock star and, as such, was also the closing number of the Ziggy Stardust live show. And it makes me cry… ☀🌑🌠⭐♥✝ « No matter what or who you've been No matter when or where you've seen All the knives seem to lacerate your brain I've had my share, now I'll help you with the pain You're not alone Just, turn on with me And you're, not alone Give me your hands Cause you're, wonderful Just give me your hands Cause you're, wonderful Give me your hands Cause you're, wonderful Oh, give me your hands… » #davidbowieforever #davidbowie #davidrobertjones #rocknrolsuicide #albumTheRiseandFallofZiggyStardustandthespidersfrommars #1972 #ziggystardust #oneyearforfiveyears #loveyoudavidbowie #ripdavid #foreverinmyheartandmydreams

A post shared by Laure-Myriam Jouili Feuvrier (@lmjouili) on

Et dimanche 8 janvier, jour de son anniversaire,  jour où il aurait fêté ses 70 ans, ceci :

Un petit bonus, juste pour vous …

Bowie, c’était aussi cette main racée dans les cheveux, ce geste d’une infinie tendresse, d’une profonde sensualité et d’un érotisme infiniment troublant ! Un héros magnifique.

Mais, c’était également le cœur généreux d’un homme qui savait sourire – et c’est si beau un homme qui sourit – d’un homme qui aimait la vie à la folie et qui savait rire, rire, rire et était doté d’un étonnant sens de l’humour.  Tout était alors sujet à plaisanterie et il n’avait pas son pareil pour se comporter tel un garnement en mal de faire des tours dont il avait seul le secret. C’est un aspect de sa personnalité que je chérie infiniment. Il est une inspiration et le restera pour l’éternité. Il était la joie ! Il est la joie.

I love you David! God bless you and protect you!

I bless you all!



[A NE PAS MANQUER] Le Magazine d’OeDansLo #1

La Honte du Jour

« The party has just begun! Bring it! 2014 »

Est le commentaire laissé sous cette photo publiée par Madonna sur Instagram, sur laquelle figure son jeune fils Rocco, 13 ans en soirée avec ses copains lors de la soirée du 31 décembre, des bouteilles d’alcool à la main.

On l »accuse d’être une mère irresponsable et de faire l’apologie de la consommation d’alcool par des mineurs.

C’est pas faux !!!! Shame on you!

La VDM People   Mère indigne

La Photo du Jour – Jane Seymour 62 ans

PHOTOS   Jane Seymour en bikini à 62 ans  elle en paraît 20 de moins

La superbe James Bond Girl de Vivre et laisser mourir et célèbre pour son rôle dans la série Docteur Quinn femme médecin, est un mystère de la nature, avec un corps à se damner comme on peut en rêver à 20 ou 30 ans ! Absolument incroyable … Son corps est absolument parfait ; ici elle est en maillot de bains et paréo à l’occasion des fêtes de fin d’année qu’elle a passées en famille à Hawaii, c’est une plastique démente que la sexagénaire a exhibée, tenant sa petite fille dans les bras et affichant une silhouette qui comblerait tout les femmes.

Jane Seymour en James Bond Girl

La Question du Jour : et si on appelait un Plombier ?

Qui n’a pas rêvé de sortir avec Mike Delfino, joué par James Denton dans Desperate Housewives ?

Il est l’égérie de « Cuir Sensuel » de Daniel Hechter trois nouvelles fragrances, inspirées du vestiaire masculin … Un rêve délirant !

Le Président du Jour

La réalisatrice Néo-Zélandaise, Jane Campion présidera le festival de Cannes 2014.

Director Campion poses during a photocall for the film "Bright Star" at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival

Palme d’or, Oscar du meilleur scénario original, César du meilleur film étranger, Byron Kennedy AwardNew York Film Critics Circle Award du Meilleur réalisateur, Los Angeles Film Critics Association du Meilleur Réalisateur, AACTA Award du meilleur scénario original, AACTA Award du meilleur réalisateur.

La Bande-Annonce du Jour

Bande-annonce en VO de The Ryan Initiative (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit) cette nouvelle superproduction signée Paramount, 1er volet du très attendu reboot ciné de la saga Jack Ryan, personnage créé par Tom Clancy. Film de Kenneth Branagh, avec Chris Pine, Keira Knightley (égérie de la campagne publicitaire Chanel pour Mademoiselle Coco), Kevin Costner (très excitée de le revoir) Peter Andersson, Kenneth Branagh, David Paymer, Colm Feore. Au cinéma en janvier 2014.

Le Conte de Fée du jour

Fiançailles annoncées du Prince François d’Orléans, fils du Prince Michel d’Orléans, Comte d’Evreux et de la Princesse née Béatrice Pasquier de Franclieu avec Therese von Einsiedel fille de Curt-Hildebrand von Einsiedel et de son épouse Amelie von Wurtemberg Princesse von Urach.

Elle est bien jolie … il est bien d’Orléans.

L’Info Télé du Jour

A partir de Mardi prochain en prime time sur TF1, sera diffusée la seconde saison de l’exceptionnellement intelligente série Person of Interest avec Jim CaviezelMichael Emerson (tout à fait remarquable), Taraji P. Henson et Kevin Chapman.

We can’t wait!!!


Les Anniversaires du Jour

Aujourd’hui, 8 janvier 1947, est le  jour anniversaire de la naissance de David Bowie (67 ans) ! Dieu est grand ! We love you so much!!!!


et de la mort de François Mitterrand (18 ans).

La pochette de 45 tours du jour


La Photo Vintage du Jour

1956 Coffee Talk
1956 Coffee Talk (Allez, c’est bon, faites pas vos duchesses …)

La Musique du Jour

Puisque, Léonarda (dite Hafanana ou Juanita Banana) menace de se suicider si le Tribunal, qui examine ce matin son retour en France, ne rend pas un avis favorable ; soyons prêts … (On croit rêver, tout de même !!!)

Ou bien …

C’est tout pour aujourd’hui ; j’espère que vous avez apprécié cette nouvelle rubrique qui se veut amusante, légère et totalement ironique et que vous n’hésiterez pas à me donner votre avis.

[Breaking News] David Bowie nominé aux Grammy Award dans trois catégories


« La star britannique vient d’être nominée aux Grammy Awards dans trois catégories pour son album The Next Day.

Une excellente nouvelle pour ce disque magistral et son auteur magique, comme nous le raconte Marion Cotillard, la troublante star du clip du même titre, The Next Day. » […]

         ›››» Lire la suite de l’article sur le site de l’Express.

David Bowie est donc  nominé aux Grammy Awards dans les catégories

  • « meilleur album rock« ,
  • « meilleure performance rock » pour la chanson The Stars (Are Out Tonight),
  •  « meilleur packaging » (réalisé par le brillant Jonathan Barnbrook).

La 56e édition des Grammy Awards aura lieu le 26 janvier 2014.

We die for him …