Few moments with Norma Jean Baker

In loving memory of Marilyn Monroe 1926-1962
50 years after his death, day for day.

We all have a Marilyn in our heart who is different for each of us! An icon and a myth built by the American studios, a beautiful woman, an outstanding actress and singer, a complete artist, a woman who loved men and leaded them by her incredible sex appeal, a sex bomb, a star, an idiot sometimes or often, an intelligent woman, tortured, sensitive, raw, a remarkable actress, a poor little girl … who was trying desperately to obtain the love she had not received when she was a child. Looking for a Daddy, always! A woman alone on the tightrope, tortured, abusing alcohol and tranquilizers to overcome her suffering … despised, admired, mistreated, vilified, used or adored, but never loved or recognized in her lifetime as she should have to, as she wished it, as she deserved it! Her suicide, this act against life will be the only personal act which belongs to her forever and nobody can take it away.

I love you Norma Jean.

Rest in peace.

[Laure-Myriam Jouili Feuvrier]


2 réflexions sur “Few moments with Norma Jean Baker

    1. Merci beaucoup Kati pour ce commentaire ! Tu as bien compris mon propos. Je ne n’avais pas envie de montrer la Marilyn Glamour, sexy … Qui n’est qu’illusion. J’ai souhaité pour lui rendre hommage parler de qui elle était, de parler de Norma Jean …
      Et c’est pourquoi j’ai choisi des photos où l’émotion d’une femme transparaît …


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